CCTV System Installation for Schools in Kenya

Today, more than ever before, personal and property security has become central and constitute a major component of best institutional management practices. Schools, much more than other corporate institutions need robust security systems to ensure both infrastructural and human resource safety. Thus, CCTV installation should be a fundamental component within a school infrastructure since it can enhance effective teaching and learning. This article briefly highlights the benefits of CCTV systems in schools.

Benefits of CCTV System in Schools

Whilst the introduction of any surveillance systems into an environment with children can be quite an emotive subject, those schools that have CCTV system experience more benefits than the alluded fears. The main benefits of CCTV system installation in schools are briefly discussed.

Improved educational performance: many school administrators have found that the introduction of CCTV into their schools has led to a measurable improvement in teachers preparedness, student’s discipline and hence productivity resulting in significant improvements in both curriculum and co-curriculum performance.

Productivity: with the installation of CCTV issues of punctuality, time management or productivity will be managed at the comfort of your desk.

Increased staff professionalism: CCTV has proved to be an excellent training tool. Reviewing footage of a lesson can allow teachers to look at their performance more objectively and consider ways of improving their lessons. Many teachers have stated that they have learnt a great deal from reviewing their own performance and that it can be very useful to ask other teachers how they would have handled a particular classroom situation.

Increased deterrent: CCTV systems are a great deterrent. Schools using CCTV state that after installation, incidents of poor and antisocial behavior like bullying drop dramatically in schools.

Great feeling of security: knowing you are well protected gives a feeling of security to students and teachers alike and can be very effective in helping to eliminate bullying.

Staff protection: CCTV is perfect for preventing assaults and false claims of misconduct. It can also be a very important tool when teachers and parents differ about the behavior of their children.

Increased detection: in cases of crime, vandalism and staff theft, there will be a strong chance of detection and identification of the perpetrators with more ease.


From the highlighted benefits of CCTV systems, it is evident that any forward thinking institution should consider installing the systems to enhance effective teaching and learning.

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