English Diction and Accent Reduction Training Program

The following are the training objectives:

  1. To offer Accent and English Diction training to learners in both private and public schools,
  2. To work in collaboration with English teachers and school directors to establish Speech labs in schools,
  3. To train with a view of developing human capital for communicators,
  4. To teach and apply artistic, humanistic and scientific principles of communication and
  5. To issue certificates of proficiency to the trainees.

Course Duration: The course runs for one hour per class, three days a week, for a period of 12 weeks, 36 days in all. It is recommended that the course be a finishing course. Therefore each student would pass through the course in their final year in the school.

Course Approach: Each class/session would have the following components

15 – 20                       mins teaching

10 mins                       interactive session/question & answer

30 mins                       listening for details/practical/presentations

Course Lead Trainer

 chris-nkwocha Mr. Chris NKWOCHA, rf(ICC) is the Group Managing Director, and Registrar, Institute of Certified Communicators and founder of the Institute of Professional Educators, Nigeria. He is the leader of the group. Mr. Chris is an instructional designer and speech craftsman. He possesses a BA Hons and is the initiator of the Diction-in-English programme, the Read Aloud course, the Critical Reasoning course. He is also the creator, designer and producer of the popular TV program Diction Avenue.Chris has extensive experience and expertise in public speaking, education, presentation, writing, idea sourcing/management as well as in concept engineering and implementation. He has been in the industry for over 20 years and has anchored over 300 seminars in Nigeria and Kenya.

Life Skill Training Program

Goal: To provide life skill training to the pupils in public and private schools in Kenya


  1. To offer training and certification to the pupils in standards 7 and 8 on life skill,
  2. To hold life skills training camps during august and December holidays of the years,
  3. To an pupils’ induction program annually for years running,
  4. To introduce life skills concept to teachers and parents during the years running


  1. Life skill training and facilitation personnel
  2. Teaching and learning including certification
  3. Camping escapades
  4. Educational tours

School Guidance and Counseling Program

Goal: To offer guidance and counselling service to students in public and private schools in Kenya


  1. To train peer counselors in public and private schools in Kenya,
  2. To provide career guidance workshops annually for form 3 and 4 students


  1. Organizing for Guidance and Counselling facilitation experts
  2. Facilitating the training of peer counselors
  3. Forming peer counseling clubs
  4. Providing Guidance and Counselling certification

Student Leadership Program

Goal: To provide leadership mentorship training to students in primary and secondary schools in Kenya


  1. To train and mentor students governments in schools in Kenya
  2. To train and mentor students governments in schools in Kenya
  3. To identify and connect the students showing exemplary leadership qualities with transformative opportunities in the world.

Mindset Training For School Administrators

Mindset  training is about revolutionizing the idea of leadership by focusing on the importance of having a leader’s heart as educators.

The following are the key objectives of Mindset  Training:

  1. To strengthen education leadership through mind education training to foster improvements in learning and enrichment for children and the vitality of their right mindset.
  2. To train school educators and parents on how to motivate students to grow their minds and help students understand that they can grow their intelligence
  3. To learn how to use brain-wise study strategies to make this happen
  4. To Learn techniques to motivate students more effectively and achieve more in school and elsewhere
  5. To help students reach a higher level of achievement and become resilient
  6. To learn techniques to foster resilience that gives them a practical set of skills and strategies for tackling academic challenges.

The training is conducted on request. Individual schools and institutions are at liberty to enroll.  To register for the training, kindly Contact Us. To inquire more about the training, kindly call 0725 788 400