Approved CBC Books for Grades 1, 2 and 3

Due to many criticism that faced the 8-4-4 system which was first established in Kenya in 1985, the government proposed a new curriculum called Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) – first launched in 2017. The system is also known as 2-6-6-3 system. The system places more emphasis on learners’ mental ability to process issues and proposes a practical framework that nurtures competencies of learners based on their passions and talents. Books have been written following the Competency Based Curriculum.

The following is a list of some of the approved books for grades 1, 2 and 3.

Grade 1 CBC Books

Product Code Book Publisher
2010130000378 CRE Activities KLB Visionary
2010101002637 English GD1 KLB Visionary
2010123000817 Environmental Activities Spotlight
2010123000859 Hygiene and Nutrition JKF Foundation
2010127000710 Nyota ya Kiswahili JKF Foundation
2010122000473 IRE Activities KLB Visionary
2010117001670 Mathematical Activities Spotlight

Grade 2 CBC Books

Product Code Book Publisher
2010101002601 New Primary English Learner’s book JKF Foundation
2010130000364 CRE Activities KLB Visionary
2010127000721 Nyota ya Kiswahili JKF Foundation
2010117001673 Primary Mathematics JKF Foundation
2010117001678 Mathematical Activities KLB Visionary
2010130000379 Environmental Activities KLB Visionary
2010123000899 Hygiene and Nutrition KLB Visionary

Grade 3 CBC Books

Product Code Book Publisher
2010130000366 CRE Activities KLB Visionary
2010101002604 English Literacy KLB Visionary
2010123000875 Environmental Act KLB Visionary
2010123000845 Hygiene and Nutrition KLB Visionary
2010122000489 IRE Activities KLB Visionary
2010117001720 Mathematical Activities KLB Visionary
2010127000737 Mazoezi ya Kiswahili KLB Visionary

School Administrators, Teachers, Parents, Guardians and Pupils are encouraged to acquire the approved books to enhance teaching and learning process.

To get hard copies of any of the recommended CBC books for Grade1, 2 and 3, kindly contact SNK/SSR team via Tel. 0202319748 or send an email to