KCPE 2018 Replica Revision Papers

There are KCPE Replica Papers which are prepared with an aim of helping KCPE candidates to prepare for the examinations based on the key areas of difficulties. A new report has pointed out key areas where Kenya Certificate of Primary Education candidates perform poorly and need improvement. Replica papers have been prepared in order to replicate or model a typical KCPE examinations. Replica papers also cover the main areas where students perform poorly in KCPE exams.

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composition.pdf 2018-11-27 16:16 817K
english-questions.pdf 2018-11-27 16:18 6.5M
insha.pdf 2018-11-27 16:16 792K
kiswahili-questions.pdf 2018-11-27 16:18 6.2M
mathematics-question..> 2018-11-27 16:18 4.6M
science-questions.pdf 2018-11-27 16:18 4.6M
social-studies-quest..> 2018-11-27 16:18 8.5M


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