School Insurance: Students’ Personal Accident Cover

This cover provides monetary payments in the event of bodily injury to insured students as a result of an accident. Schools are highly encouraged to consider this insurance cover for students.

Benefits of Students’ Insurance Cover

  1. Accidental permanent disability- this compensates in monetary terms for permanent disability to students as determined by a doctor,
  2. Accident medical expenses – medical bill incurred as a result of an accident will be reimbursed up to policy limit,
  3. Artificial appliances – the policy will make monetary payments for purchase of artificial limbs as recommend by a medical doctor subject to policy limit,
  4. Dental treatment- provides for dental treatment as a result of dental injuries resulting from an accident up to the policy limit,
  5. Funeral expenses – in the event of death, the policy will make monetary payments towards funeral arrangement within 48hours.

Students’ Insurance Cover Plan

The following Table shows a summary of students’ insurance cover plan based on various provisions of the cover.

Stabilization and Treatment on Site by AAR Rescue Services

Emergency stabilization and treatment on site is done by AAR rescue services. These services include the following:

  1. Stabilization and treatment on site,
  2. Unlimited emergency ambulance,
  3. Transfer to the nearest hospital depending on the nature of the emergency,
  4. Annual basic first aid training for 3 teacher/staff,
  5. 24 hours medical help line,
  6. 24 hours ambulance services is on standby to take care of any emergency while students are in school or travelling in a school bus.

For more inquiries about Students’ Accident Insurance Cover, kindly contact SNK Admin (Antonio) via 0733 83 65 93. Thank you for considering our services.