Grade 3 Early Years National Assessment, 2019

Grade 3 in Kenya will be subjected to Kenya Early Years Assessment (KEYA). It should be noted that this is a national assessment and not an examination. According to Karogo, KNEC Executing officer “an assessment provides a large-scale feedback on learning outcomes at formative stages for decision making while an examination is a summative assessment given for individual achievement, selection and placement”. Thus, grade 3 assessment 2019 is meant to provide feedback on learning outcomes for decision making. The assessment takes only two aspects, namely numeracy (Mathematics activities) and literacy (English activities). In this assessment, there will be no multiple choice questions to the learners. There will also be no grading and this will not affect their advancement to the next level. If it is reading, a script will be given to the learner to read or addition and subtraction in Maths. Teachers and curriculum support officers (CSOs) will administer the assessment and pupils will not be given a time frame to finish their assignment.

KNEC Time Table