Entrepreneurship Training Course Outline for Students

This course is expected to help the students to develop entrepreneurial skills and start a business that can contribute towards self-sustenance. The business will contribute to the economic activity in the community and the country at large. This course is designed based on the best industrial practices on how to start a business. It flows from self-awareness as an entrepreneur with right skills, setting up a business, establishing business market, business financing to banking of business money. The expected training outcome of this course is the student to be able to initiate and run his/her own business enterprise.

1. Business Entrepreneurial Skills

This part of the course will help you discover the qualities and skills you possess that will assist you to become a successful entrepreneur.

What are my entrepreneurial skills:
a) Conducting myself
b) Thinking
c) Interacting with people
d) My safety and survival
e) Things I can do
f) Others (specify):

How often do I use these skills?
a) Very often
b) Often
c) Rarely

What do I use my skills for?
a) To support my needs
b) To support Community needs
c) Others (specify)

Other questions:

a) What needs do I know about in my community?
b) What can be done to address these needs?
c) Which of my skills can be used to address community needs?
d) Which of these needs can I develop into a business idea?
e) What needs do I know about in my community?

2. Business General Set Up

a) What kind of business am I going to set up?
b) Where will my business be located?
c) What are the legal requirements for setting up the business?
d) How much money do I need to set up the business?
e) How do I access business finance?
f) What are business finance access requirements?
g) What business infrastructure do i need to set for my business?

3. Business Infrastructure Setting

a) Do I have access to a phone? If not, could I use someone else’s phone?
b) How can I let people know about my business through social media?
c) What information can I get for my business from the Internet?

Activity: Together with your group, design a short advertisement to be broadcast over the Internet (website social media, etc)

4. Business Market

a) What kind of business am I going to set?
b) Who is interested in and needs my product or service?
c) Are they willing to buy it (give money or another product for it)?
d) Will they always want to buy the product regularly or seasonally (sustainable)?
e) How many of my product or hours of my service will they need?
f) Where should the product be available (location of sales points)?
g) How much is the local price for the items I am producing or for the service I am providing?

5. Business Finance
a) Do I have money to buy the materials I need to set my business?
b) If not, what are the sources of money? family, friends, bank, microfinance, Government?
c) How much would I need to borrow?
d) How much would I be able to pay back per month?
e) What is ‘interest’ of the borrowed money?
f) Do I need a business plan or a business proposal to apply for funding?

6. Business Plan
The business plan should consist of the following components:
a) Title page (name of my business, my name and contact address)
b) Summary of my business objectives
c) Table of contents
d) Structure of my proposed business
e) Product or service I intend to sell
f) Marketing plan (based on a simple market survey)
g) Financial plan
h) Appendices: other supporting documents, such as business registration certificate, trade license etc.

Activity: Together with your group, prepare a business plan.
(Provide an outline of business plan)

7. Business Money Banking
Which of the following things do I need?

a) Bank account?
b) Cheque book?
c) Receipt book?
d) A good filing system?
e) Others (specify)____________

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