Primary Science Series: Revision Guide for Stds 6, 7 and 8

Author: Anthony M. Wanjohi and John M. Mbuthia
Resource Category: Primary School Book
Publisher: Kenpro Publications, Nairobi
Year: 2011
Description:Primary Science Series is a revision guide which is designed to assist both the teachers and the pupils in getting prepared to move from one class level to the other and to embrace life with knowledge and skills. The guide is also meant to bridge the gap for the learners who might have drifted while in lower levels of learning. The authors prepared this guide based on integrated-objective- approach. The guide is organized with a logical flow, starting from the objectives, followed by revision notes, model revision tests and answers under respective units. In total, there are 12 units which are covered to meet the needs of respective classes, namely standards 6, 7 and 8. These include human body, health education, environment, plants, weather and solar system, animals, water, soil, food and nutrition, energy, properties of matter and making work easier. Teachers and pupils in upper elementary school will definitely find meaning in making this book their science revision companion/guide.
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