Primary Maths Series: Revision Guide for Standards 7 and 8

Book Description: 

Primary Maths Series is a revision guide for standards 7 and 8.  The book is developed to assist both the teachers and the pupils  to embrace the basic principles of primary mathematics and to provide a quick revision. It systematically presents worked out examples and practice tests in respective units based on standards 7 and 8 syllabus.  The guide is organized with a logical flow, starting from the objectives, followed by worked out examples and practice tests. In total, there are 10 units which are covered to meet the needs of standards 7 and 8. These include Algebra, Geometry, Measurements, Money, Numbers, Ratio and Proportion, Scale Drawing, Tables and Graphs, Time Speed and Temperature, Volume Capacity and Mass. Teachers and pupils in standards 7 and 8 will definitely find meaning in making this guide their mathematics revision companion.

Authors: Elijah M. Michieka and Paul Otinga

Publisher: KENPRO Publications

Year: 2014

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  1. algebra-mathematics-test-for-standards-7-and-8.pdf
  2. geometric-shapes-in-mathematics-for-standards-7-and-8.pdf
  3. geometry-mathematics-test-for-standards-7-and-8.pdf
  4. mathematics-formulae-for-standards-7-and-8.pdf
  5. measurements-mathematics-test-for-standards-7-and-8.pdf
  6. money-mathematics-test-for-standards-7-and-8.pdf
  7. numbers-mathematics-test-for-standards-7-and-8.pdf
  8. ratio-and-proportion-mathematics-test-for-standards-7-and-8.pdf
  9. scale-drawing-mathematics-test-for-standards-7-and-8.pdf
  10. tables-and-graphs-mathematics-test-for-standards-7-and-8.pdf
  11. time-speed-and-temperature-mathematics-test-for-standards-7-and-8.pdf
  12. volume-capacity-and-mass-mathematics-test-for-standards-7-and-8.pdf

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