KCPE 2018 Prediction Revision Papers

There are KCPE Prediction Papers which are prepared with an aim of helping KCPE candidates to prepare for the examinations based on the key areas of difficulties. A new report has pointed out key areas where Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) candidates perform poorly and need improvement. The document, titled Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) KCPE Examinations School-Specific Report shows how candidates scored in specific subject areas.

The report shows that candidates performed poorly on questions touching the following:

  1. Social Studies,
  2. The Government,
  3. Politics, People and Relationships.

In Religious Studies, candidates did not do well in the following areas that touchedĀ  the African traditional heritage and rites of passage.

According to the report, under Science, the following areas were the worst performed questions in three years:

  1. Weather and astronomy,
  2. Water and
  3. Soil.

Thus, KCPE 2018 candidates, along with their teachers and guardians should take keen interest on the highlighted areas, especially in Social Studies, Religious Studies and Science. However, this does not eliminate the need to put emphasis on core subjects including English, Kiswahili and Mathematics.

Sample KCPE Prediction Revision Papers

The following constitutes KCPE 2018 Prediction Revision Papers which have bee prepared with an aim of helping KCPE candidates to effectively prepare for the examinations.

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We as members of Schools Net Kenya, take this opportunity to wish all the KCPE candidates Success Before, During and After the Examinations. God Bless the Work of thy Hands!! Antonio, SNK Admin