KCPE 2007 Past Papers

This page consists of Free KCPE 2007 Past Papers in all subjects. The past papers consists of questions and answers. These are compiled by SNK Consultancy team based on Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) provisions.

In order to maintain the originality of the papers, the compiled copies are presented in Portable Document Format [PDF].

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Subject Size
composition-paer-kcpe-2007.pdf 39K
english-questions-paper-kcpe-2007.pdf 63K
insha-paper-kcpe-2007.pdf 76K
kiswahili-questions-paper-kcpe-2007.pdf 62K
mathematics-questions-paper-kcpe-2007.pdf 710K
science-questions-paper-kcpe-2007.pdf 55K
social-and-religious-studies-questions-paper-kcpe-2007.pdf 1.5M

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