Form 4 Revision Papers for Term 1, 2018

The following is a list of the available Form 4 Revision Papers for Term 1, 2018. The question papers are  available for DOWNLOAD for FREE of charge. Marking Schemes are also available but at a small fee of Ksh. 50/ per paper. Kindly place your ORDER ONLINE.

CLICK to DOWNLOAD the papers in PDF format:

Question Paper Size
agriculture-paper-1> 320K
agriculture-paper-2> 442K
biology-paper-1> 444K
biology-paper-2> 411K
biology-paper-3> 298K
business-studies-paper-1> 312K
business-studies-paper-2> 223K
chemistry-paper-1> 389K
chemistry-paper-2> 409K
chemistry-paper-3> 261K
computer-paper-1> 250K
computer-paper-2> 117K
cre-paper-1-form-4> 207K
cre-paper-2-form-4> 208K
english-paper-1> 235K
english-paper-2> 267K
english-paper-3> 220K
french-paper-1> 227K
french-paper-2.> 195K
french-paper-3> 168K
geography-paper-1> 185K
geography-paper-2> 854K
history-paper-1> 223K
history-paper-2.> 155K
home-science-paper-1> 191K
home-science-paper-2> 231K
home-science-paper-3> 143K
kiswahili-paper-1> 34K
kiswahili-paper-2> 311K
kiswahili-paper-3> 327K
mathematics-paper-1> 873K
mathematics-paper-2> 772K
physics-paper-1> 460K
physics-paper-2> 431K
physics-paper-3> 874K

Marking Schemes:

Click to ORDER ONLINE the MARKING SCHEME right at the comfort of your computer or Smart Phone!! The marking schemes will be sent to your email address. We charge Ksh. 50/ per marking scheme per subject.

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