English Teaching and Learning Stories for Grade 1

The following are English teaching and learning short stories for Grade 1. These stories are based on the requirements for the new Competency Based Curriculum in Kenya. They are also based on Tusome Early Literacy Programme.

  1. The-green-blouse-story-grade1.pdf
  2. The-new-game-story-grade1.pdf
  3. Kingi-the-farmer-story-grade1.pdf
  4. A-visit-to-grandmother-story-grade1.pdf
  5. Busy-boys-story-grade1.pdf
  6. Dora-in-the-big-city-story-grade1.pdf
  7. Halima-learns-to-count-story-grade1.pdf
  8. Juma-the-driver-story-grade1.pdf
  9. Rose-and-kelly-at-home–grade1.pdf
  10. Roy-gets-sick-story-grade1.pdf
  11. Tami-at-the-shop-story-grade1.pdf
  12. The-best-day-story-grade1.pdf
  13. The-green-blouse-story-grade1.pdf
  14. The-train-trip-story-grade1.pdf
  15. The-visit-story-grade1.pdf
  16. Walk-in-the-forest-notes-grade1

You may place an ORDER of any of the listed story books. The book will be sent to your e-mail in PDF format. We charge KES 100/- per copy to support our administration costs. Thank you for supporting our works!