Donor Funding Training Workshop for School Managers

Dear School Managers,

We at Schools Net Kenya are pleased to announce an ongoing Donor Funding Training Workshops for School Managers. The training concerns mobilization of financial resources for quality education. 

Training Objectives

By the end of the training, the participants should be able to:
a) Describe various phases of Project Cycle;
b) Discuss various sources of Funding for schools;
c) Highlight the various approaches used in fundraising for schools;
d) Understand the major components of a funding proposal;
e) Develop a typical funding proposal on the area of choice.

Training Methodology
team uses the participatory approach in the training. This includes practical method, group discussion activity oriented method and presentation approach. The practical method is meant to impart hand on skills to the participants. The group discussion method is meant to help the participants to articulate and examine present learning in the light of their own past experiences in the development arena.

Training Materials
The main training materials required for the training include projector, flip charts, marker pens, ballpoint pens among other writing materials. Other instructional materials will include handouts, electronic resources resource mobilization and donor directory. These resources consist of useful learning teaching and learning content which will be used to guide the entire training process. The resources will be availed to the learners in both soft and hard copies by the trainers.

The participants who will successfully complete the training program, will receive a Certificate of participation in Resource Mobilization from our partner institution, namely Higher Institute of Applied Learning (HIAL). For more information about the Institute, kindly visit the Higher Institute of Applied Learning

We are flexible on time and venues

KES 5,000 per person

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