CBC Implementation Challenges and the Way Forward

By Anthony M. Wanjohi:
According to KICD internal evaluation report, the implementation of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) faced a number of challenges. This article provides an overview of the challenges and the way forward.

The KICD report indicated that key among the challenges facing CBC implementation was the issue of teaching and learning resources. While a number of private schools had the resources, there was a near total lack in public schools, a circumstance that compromises the implementation of the curriculum.

Another challenge is the issue of teacher knowledge of CBC pedagogy. While teachers had understood CBC pedagogy, a good number of them were struggling with the concept and lacked the capacity demanded by the Curriculum.

The report also raised concerns over lack of collaboration among different government agencies.

Way Forward

In order to triangulate the findings with that of KICD’s internal evaluation, the Ministry of Education sought the services of external evaluators. External evaluation results appeared to have confirmed KICD’s findings about CBC.

Based on the reports, it is therefore evident, as indicated by the Ministry of Education CS Amina Mohammed, that the new Competency Based Curriculum should be suspended. Thus, the future of CBC is on hold till further consultations are made through joined forum. This is an indication that the new system of education, namely 2-6-3-3-3 continues to hang on the balance. This path leads us back to our old condemned system of education, 8-4-4. What a retreat!