Standard 8 End Term 1 Exams, 2016

The following is a list of  Standard 8 End Term  1 Exams, 2016. Click to download the Exam papers FREE of charge. We charge only 100/ for the marking schemes

Subject Size
english-class-8-end-term-1-2016.pdf 2.1M
english-composition-test-paper-std-8-2016.pdf 241K
kiswahili-class-8-end-term-1-2016.pdf 2.0M
kiswahili-insha-class-8-term1-2016.pdf 246K
mathematics-class-8-end-term-1-2016.pdf 1.7M
science-class-8-end-term-1-2016.pdf 23K
social-studies-class-8-end-term-1-2016.pdf 2.0M
IRE-class-8-end-term-1-2016.pdf 603K

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