Psychometric Assessment for Students in Kenya

Psychometric is the science of measuring a person’s mental capacities and processes. Psychometric assessment is designed using the latest methods which are rigorously validated. These methods meet the standards of the international scientific community, as well as the standards for data security. The tests and results are confidential.

The psychometric assessments measure the intellectual capabilities of people, their personality and attitude, motivation and interests, management, reasoning and critical thinking, emotional intelligence and stress management, language and communication prowess.

Psychometric assessments are done online; the period of the test varying on the type of assessment one is undertaking. The assessment period ranges from 15-30 minutes. Reports are generated immediately and the results interpreted for the client.

Psychometric assessment entails the following tests: assessments, work ethics (ETIX), management and leadership skills (CTPI-R), immersion, sales profile-R, the reasoning test, emotional intelligence test and occupational interest inventory.

Psychometric Assessment Program for schools in Kenya focuses mainly on occupational interest inventory. This assessment is aimed mapping individual student’s temperament and capabilities stream for determination of career path of choice.

Psychometric Assessment Objectives

Psychometric Assessment for students in Kenya seeks to:

  1. Offer an online occupational interest inventory assessment to students,
  2. Generate an immediate report and interpret the results for the student and
  3. Guide the student to have a clear sense of direction leading to a breakthrough in making career choice.

Psychometric Assessment Activities

  1. Schools visitation,
  2. Training students and teachers on psychometric test,
  3. Subjecting students into psychometric test,
  4. Preparation of psychometric test reports,
  5. Interpretation of psychometric analysis,
  6. Advising students on career paths and their strengths,
  7. To give solutions to any raised concern amongst the students and
  8. To make follow ups amongst assessed students

Target Beneficiaries

The primary beneficiaries of the  psychometric test will mainly be form two, three and four students in both public and private secondary schools. Other beneficiaries will include parents, teachers (Guidance and Counseling), and the school administration

Assessment Cost Implication

The psychometric assessment is affordable and flexible program for schools and parents. School administrators and parents may contact the management of Schools Net Kenya for a quote.

For schools, teachers, parents and students interested in undertaking psychometric assessment, kindly contact Schools Net Kenya Team or Call Anthony at 0725 788 400.