KCPE Science Past Papers from 2001 to 2010

  This page consists of Free compiled KCPE Science Past Papers based on primary science units for standards 7 and 8. The past papers are compiled by SNK consultancy team based on KCPE 2001 to 2010 Science Past Papers. Click any of the following links for FREE DOWNLOAD >> kcpe-model-test-paper-health-education.pdf kcpe-model-test-paper-on-animals.pdf kcpe-model-test-paper-on-energy.pdf kcpe-model-test-paper-on-environment.pdf kcpe-model-test-paper-on-human-body.pdf kcpe-model-test-paper-on-plants.pdf kcpe-model-test-paper-on-properties-of-matter.pdf […]

List of Schemes of Work for Secondary Schools in Kenya

The following is a list of all schemes of work for Secondary Schools in Kenya. You can order your copy. ONLY Ksh. 100 per scheme/subject/year. Click individual link to place your order! There are 56 Schemes of Work  entries 1 Agriculture Scheme of Work Form 1 https://www.schoolsnetkenya.com/order-e-copy Matched with keywords :: 100 % 2 Agriculture […]